Graduating DLI - Korean Basic 63 Week Course

Ray and I gave a speech in tandom providing translation throughout (of course!)

We entered the course, expecting an easy time dealing with learning a foreign language and quickly found ourselves to be very wrong, having to resort to just nodding and saying “yes” to everything we didn't understand. And, most of us being new to military life, we had to adjust to this new way of living, as well as adjust to a world filled with a fast moving, yet deeply rooted traditional Korean culture, a complete set of Korean rules in the classroom, and completely native instructors. So of course, we never expected to be here, almost a year and a half later, giving a graduation speech to you all.

Though it would be easy to stand up here brag about all we have done to accomplish our task, it would be unfair not to mention the hard work of our instructors, school faculty, the supervisors in our units, and the administrators and leaders of DLI that have done so much to help us succeed. Also, without the love and support from our ever sacrificing families, a few of us would have surely had a much harder time succeeding. But now that we are at the end, we can look out on you and say that we did succeed, and we would like to congratulate the graduates of the Korean Basic course of the class KP51008. Again, thank you so much for coming.

I also received some nice accolades from the Commandant including an Army Achievement Medal. The icing on a fantastic cake.

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