Five things you need to know to manage software development

Software development can be very finicky and the team that makes can be even more so.

1. Adding people does not help

It’s counterintuitive, I know. There’s a temptation for managers to add more people to a development effort to speed things along. The maxim that modern programmers and teams are aware of is that adding more people to the project will frequently delay the project.

2. Changes can break a project

This doesn’t necessarily apply to agile methods. That said, frequent and large changes can break a project. Sudden changes in scope can make an awkward case for the team. If the stakeholder makes a request, try to let them down easy.

3. Perfection is the enemy of good

You will not be able to catch every single bug. By all means, you need to try to make the best product you can. However, if you’re making software for a profit and you’re not flying big metal objects in the sky, sleep well at night.

4. You need to measure ROI for your time

Spending hours formatting pixel-perfect images may not be the best use of your designer. Figure out what’s important.

5. Don’t do something you regret

Don’t save time by letting your developers write crappy code. It will have to be redone and frequently at a higher cost.

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