Stop adding complexity

I recently purchased a graphics pad. If you're not familiar with graphics pads, they're devices that you can attach to your computer and allow you to draw. As I got familiar with it, I had a stark realization that using this device wouldn't make me good at drawing. On top of adjusting to the way that the graphics pad interacted with the screen, I had to learn how to use new software that was completely unfamiliar and had a lot more buttons than Microsoft Paint.

I then came to a starker realization. BOSSES DO THIS ALL THE TIME. You've seen them. They convince the organization to buy shiny toy whether that be an expensive SaaS solution or a foreign methodology. Everybody gets sent to training. Young people try to buy in and be enthusiastic. Older people have seen this play out over and over again. The end result is the addition of complexity and process without alleviating the basic concerns that plague an organization.

I worked for a person that put it this way:

Technology cannot solve a management problem.

You probably want that new toy, but you must realize that the toughest problems in life are related to people. No project tool and no flavor of Agile are going to fix that.

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