Basic Leadership Principles

This book is empowering and frames my position a bit differently. Instead of framing the concept of leader as one that stands in front of large audiences and directs action, the book frames a leader as one that compels improvement in those around himself. Now I wonder how I can influence those near me to be better. As such, I will be generally trying to take on the following approaches:

  1. Be Direct - It may be better to directly address problems. That said, I would avoid such discussions in front of others. Everybody likes to save face.

  2. Be an Advocate - Sometimes, people are not able to advocate for themselves. If I am better positioned to advocate for such individuals, I will take the initiative to get it done.

  3. Be Open about my Own Weaknesses - I work hard and can learn, but I am not always best suited for solving problems. In such cases, I can open up and ask for help. Many people like helping out and teamwork yields better longterm results.

Is it beneficial to write out my ideas on leadership at this point? It's unclear, but it does give me something to reference in the future. To make it clear, none of this is being stated in response to anything that managers/leaders in my own organization are doing.

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