A Short Intro for New Managers

You may be nervous and even feel a bit out-of-place in your new position, but it's nothing to sweat. Be confident and consider the following keys to success:

  1. Learn everything you can during your first 30 days. Just because you're the most qualified for the job doesn't mean you know what you're getting yourself into. Learn everybody's name. Learn what everybody does.

  2. Avoid the urge to assert your authority immediately. If you need to make decisions, make them with your team. Earning the trust of your team is worth more than trimming a day off of a deliverable.

  3. You represent your team, not the other way around.

  4. Identify the influencers and win them over. You can figure this out by carefully observing who is asked for help the most. These individuals may be the most senior members of the team but that may not always be the case.

  5. Introduce yourself. Make sure that people know who you are and what your role is. Sometimes I meet managers that move into a desk and are surprised that they are not getting Cc'd on certain emails.

The common thread to all the above items is respect. Assume that you've been put in charge of professionals and they will act that way.

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